by Cynthia Price

We are a people fashioned by God physically, emotionally and spiritually, from His heart and in His image. His very own breath gave us life! He pronounced His creation good and right, and placed us in a beautiful
environment in which to live and oversee. From the beginning, man was intended to have an exciting and
fulfilling existence in the holy presence of God Himself. Everything was perfect.

Then God did a strange thing. He gave man a will of his own, able to make choices. And, in that liberated state,
man chose sin that resulted in separation from the Creator.

Why did man choose it? Why did God give the option? Deep subject. No easy answers.

But, maybe God gave so much, so mercifully, that the only fitting response would be a voluntary one. Our
devotion to Him had to be real and from a grateful heart, realizing as much as humanly possible who He is and who we are.

As in human relationships, true love cannot be orchestrated. It’s the same when God is leading the band. We play for Him because that is the yearning of our souls. He forces no one. What a decision. Easy for some – never even considered by others – which is a choice in itself.

With the approaching sacred season, we are reminded again that God posed a perfect plan for all people. The
simple truth of the Savior’s birth for a sinful world may be lost in the glitter of all that clamors for our attention this time of year. But, hopefully, at some stolen moment, we can quiet our frenzied, starved souls and reclaim His most valuable Gift.

Believing in and trusting God is one of the few decisions in life we make by ourselves, for ourselves. And, it is
the one that makes the most difference.

Copyright © 2011 Cynthia Price. All rights reserved.

Cynthia and her husband, Bill, have four grown children and nine grandchildren. She has been active for many years in her church and in Bible Study Fellowship.

A writer and speaker, Cynthia has a heart for women and their special needs. She is available to speak to your women’s group and can be contacted at



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